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Join The Stone Tablet Family

We're looking for exceptional people to make us better together!

Stone Tablet is a management organization that represents recording artists and music ministers. Based in Louisiana, Stone Tablet is a growing leader in the Gospel, Hip-Hop and Contemporary music industry poised and designed to help artist in ministry and management. We've created a culture that's built around the two major key components of our industry: Quality and Professionalism

Stone Tablet is strategically growing with an experienced agency and team. Composed of forward thinkers and trained negotiators, our motto is: Do the right things, with the right people, for the right reasons.


Our Openings

Quickly Transition From Intern To Full Time

Assistant Manager

Organize artist's career, work with a record label, sync license their music for TV and film, get press coverage, Spotify playlists placements, and land their music on the radio


In-House Publicist

Working with artists to secure features in key publications like print media, radio & television. Also, arranging interviews and exclusive content releases from the artists.

Graphic Design Intern

Complements the artist's work by providing a visual representation that defines their brand. From album covers and website design to social media and merchandise. The graphic design elements will be everywhere and work as an extension of the artist's creativity.

Booking Assistant

Support the booking team in the research, coordination and booking of artist. Help to answer phones, take detailed notes, schedule meetings, enter data into the booking system, and coordinate artist movement for events.

Social Media Intern

Help artists run their social media like a pro with a strategy and analytic driven approach.

Video Production Intern

Works with the production crew in every phase of production, including setting up lighting and audio equipment, filming, and post-production editing

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